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Give us insight into your original inspiration, and the company's evolution, to it's current state.

Please provide the public URLs of your team's LinkedIn profiles.

How do the founders know each other and how long have you worked with each other?

Do you currently have any advisors? If so, please provide their name, background, and level of involvement.

How is your company legally structured (LLC, C-Corp, etc.)?

If you are incorporated, who are the shareholders and what percent does each own?

Do you currently have an IP plan? Have you filed or do you expect to file patents?

Are any founders covered by non-compete or IP agreements that overlaps with your project? Will any be working as employees or consultants for anyone else?

Customers & Market

What customer problem or pain point are you solving?

Who is your target customer? What is your target market size?

Do you have any pilot customers? Any paying customers?

What is your current go to market strategy?


List your competitors, and/or whom might become competitors. Please address all possible competitors, including incumbents, other startups, substitute technologies, doing nothing, etc. Whom do you respect the most?

How are you different from your competitors? What's new about what you are doing and why would your customers choose you over other options?

Business Model

How does your company make money?

What are the risks and challenges your business faces?

What are your milestones for the next 6 months and 1 year?

Which companies would most likely acquire you?

Financing Required

Give us a breakdown of all current investments in your company, including founders' investments. If you have had significant funding, at what post-money valuation?

What are your company's major expenses? What is your current burn rate (how much money does your company spend a month)?

REVTECH-Related Questions

What do you see as the area REVTECH can support you the most?

Do any founders have other commitments from June through Sept. 2017?

How did you hear about REVTECH?

Email any files to Make note of your company name.

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