What Makes REVTECH The Right Program For My Business?

Well, we think we’re pretty awesome!  But here are a few other great reasons to consider REVTECH for your business:
Focus & Location– We have focused our efforts in an area in which DFW has competitive advantage – tech and product innovation for the retail, restaurant, and hotel industries. More national restaurant and retail chains are headquartered within 300 miles of DFW than any other region!

Personal Attention– We run a small program.  Typical cohorts are between 4-7 companies- meaning you won’t get lost in the shuffle.  We work hard to leverage our extensive network of mentors, investors, & retail partners to help your business succeed.

Mentorship– Our mentor roster is comprised of 3 types of mentors:  

            • Successful entrepreneurs who have built and sold substantial retail companies

            • Industry Champions including executives from retail, restaurant, & hospitality companies such as Pier 1, Michaels, Neiman Marcus, Brinker and GameStop

            • Angel and VC’s who have experience investing in retail companies

Track Record-During our 5-year history, we have accelerated the development of 26 early-stage companies, 17 of which are still operational, and 11 of which completed seed rounds of $250,000 or more – over 40%. Aggregate revenue of these companies is now nearly $20 million annually. These results make our accelerator model stand out from the crowd.

Community– We host many community events throughout the year, including a biannual Tech Trends program.  These events help our businesses make strategic introductions and meaningful connections.

What Does The Accelerator Program Look Like?

After a competitive application process, we will select between 4-7 startups to participate in our 14-week accelerator program beginning in June.  Once accepted into our program, REVTECH provides an initial seed investment, office space in downtown Dallas, and access to our extensive network of mentors & business development resources through our partnership networks.

Each week of the program, time is carved out to meet with our Managing Director to discuss progress and goals.  We also set up meetings with our mentors to help you troubleshoot issues, recommend solutions, and help grow your business and gain customers.  We regularly schedule Pitch Practice times to help you perfect your message, and host community events to facilitate learning opportunities and new connections. Companies will then conclude our program with the chance to pitch at our Fall Tech Trends event.

After the program, we  provide you with continued support with monthly check-ins, and help with any issues you have, or meetings you’d like to book.  Our goal is to see your company succeed!

What Do You Look For When Selecting Applicants For The Accelerator?

We accept all focus-relevant applications to our program, however there are a few things that we look for that make a startup really stand out.

    • 2 Co-Founders– A startup is time consuming and having a co-founder lets us know you mean business.  We typically look for a team comprised of a market-facing founder and a tech/product-facing founder. 

    • Relevant Domain Experience– Do you know the pain points of your industry first hand?  Many of our most successful companies have worked in the retail and restaurant industry and know their pain points inside and out.  In our experience, this is a huge asset!

    • MVP – Minimum Viable Product.  There are many incubators and very early-stage accelerators that can help you work on your product or service from scratch.  At REVTECH, we’re ready to introduce you to customers and investors– most of the time, this means we need to see that you have your solution built… or at least, very close to completion!

    • Market Test– Do people want to use/buy your product or service?  We really like to see that you’ve taken the initiative to get some initial feedback on your technology or product.

These are not hard and fast rules, however they will help your startup stand out from rest!  We do require that founders make their startup their full time job.  We will not consider your company if you are not 100% committed.

How Do I Apply To The Accelerator?

An open call for applications will typically take place at the beginning of the year in January.  A link will appear on our website on how to submit an application to our program and applications will be accepted on a rolling basis through May.  We occasionally make early offers to standout teams, so it is beneficial to apply early.

We will finalize applications in mid May and make offers to a handful (typically 10-15) companies to do a quick pitch to investors in Dallas.  We will then narrow down our selection and finalize between 4-7 companies to start the accelerator in June.

We encourage companies to attend our events, follow us on social media, and subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about our program.

What Is The Graduate Program? How can I apply?

The REVTECH Graduate Program is a 1-week, market-acceleration program for top retail-focused graduates of accelerator programs throughout North America.
Participants in the program have access to our extensive network of mentors, investors, and industry champions as well as an opportunity to present at our annual Tech Trends in Retail event.  

See our Graduate Program video

Currently all of our Graduate Program participants are invite only.  If you are a retail-focused startup, and have recently completed an accelerator program, please contact us for consideration.